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Um, Sigourney Looked Nice

I watched the Oscar nominations this morning. I watched the Globes Sunday night. I used to get so excited over all this, but I really don't seem to care this year.

Don't get me wrong, I'll attend your Oscar party, be witty and charming, and bring a thematically correct covered dish. But right now it's a big yawn.

I guess the more telling thing is that I've only seen one of the nominated films, even though I love going to the movies. I saw Seabiscuit on a plane a couple weeks ago and, as much as I wanted to watch In America (yup, it's on the in-flight menu already) on Sunday, I was just too knackered.

Is it me? Is the the selection of what's out there? I was more excited last year, but we had Far From Heaven and The Hours then. *sigh*

What about y'all? You excited about this or has the Academy blown its wad?