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I Want A Doll!

Now that the holiday rush is over, we can revisit the dolls. Or maybe not.

A friend of mine just took her daughter to a birthday party there. The soiree consists of a tea party with your closest friends and their mothers. You bring your own American Girl to the tea.

What!?! You don't have one?

No worries, they'll gladly provide you with a loaner for the day. Genius marketing technique ... "Mommy, I've had little Josefina all day now, and I love her so much. I can't give her up. I. Just. Can't."

So then after tea, you get to go to a show. A live show. Young girls dressed up, acting out the stories of the various American Girls.

"It's really pretty well done," my friend reluctantly admitted. "You should go see it. Of course, you might get some odd looks, being the only grown man there by himself."

"Can I borrow your daughter?"

"Sure, she'd love it."

So here's the beauty of it ... $20 head for the tea/lunch and $30 for the show. 20 kids, 20 parents ... yeah, that's $2 grand, not including shopping. For a six-year old's birthday party. Who says the economy's in trouble?

If you're interested, book early. Apparently weekend lunches are fully booked until Memorial Day.

What is this place ... Balthazar?