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Drea is Going to Get So Dead

I fell off the Sopranos (you remember, the HBO show before Six Feet Under came to the rescue) wagon a while back --- Olivia died, there was this stupid episode about a parade and it just all got too 'whatever' for me. Anyway, the trailer for the new season is brilliant, so my interest is piqued.

I've just seen the new poster ... "Hell Hath No Fury Like the Family" .. on a bus stop outside my office. Can't find a link to it, but I'm sure it'l be everywhere soon. Dead characters (Gloria, Pussy, and Ralph -- hey, who gave him his body back?) in the mud, a few family members in a small wooden boat (is that Steve Buscemi in front?) and Tony and his crew standing on the shore. Very dark. Very haunting.

And naked women (the furies?) hanging on to the boat. Hmmm, are we gonna get all mythical in season 5?

Bring on the ghosts.

It all starts March 7th.