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Carried Away

Well that weekend flew by. It was going to be a quiet couple of days, playing catch-up for work, relaxing, and throwing a simple little SATC viewing on Sunday night.

The best laid plans.

Thursday night was The Boy from Oz, which was perhaps the worst thing I've seen since, well, Steel Pier. Hugh Jackman puts the zing in amazing, but other than that ... oy. As we walked out of the theater I told Larry I'd seen better Lizas in bad drag shows in Cincinnati. "I've done better Lizas," he replied. And sadly, that is very true.

Friday brought the real boy from Oz. My devilishly handsome friend Damian blew into town from Toronto (where he's become the Belle of Bloor Street) with a cartload of cuties who took up residence at the Cock. I was a good boy and eschewed the LES, as I had work to do on Saturday. Got thirsty on the way home and stopped into Barracuda for a little refreshment. Oops How did it get to be 4am?

Saturday was a day of rest (is it the new Sunday?) and I rallied later in the night and met the T.O. entourage at Hell. Which was really fun. Which turned into a very late night of group Therapy, and then trading beauty secrets at Moonstruck till 5:30am. Look mama, I am still a youngster. And now I have the most wonderful Aveda eye-recharger cream to help me prove it.

So on no sleep, I got up and prepared for the evening of sending Miss Bradshaw and her pals off into the sunset. A little shopping, a little arts and crafts (thank you MAK), a quick photo shoot (Damian will send pix tomorrow), and a lot of chicken hunting (thanks Larry) were done and, if I do say so myself, everyone had a dang good time. I did the looking into the fishbowl thing again towards the end of the evening, and once again, I'm so grateful for my friends.

So we begin another crazy four-week cycle or work/travel madness (with a week of diving thrown in for good measure), and all is pretty darn well.

(See Christopher, I didn't give anything away about SATC. You were sorely missed.)