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The envelope please...

And the winner is......MAK (applause) who is the only one with the decency to offer drinks and drag queens. Finally, someone understands me. Now where were we?

A request for things to tease him about over drinks.....have you not seen his hair in "big" phase? Please, where is the challenge?

Something R rated, I trust you have more stories than I. Besides..he knows mine and I have offsping.

Speaking of which... Miss M has a birthday this week, and who knew 7 would be such a prissy age. I don't recall prissy until my early twenties. Sad- I know, but I made up for it. There was an accelerated course in it at Loyola N.O.

I'm off in search of Nancy, she should be here, to hear her laugh is to make you want to buy the bar a round.