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Doing America Proud

Overheard on the tube last night:

Flirty American Chick: So where in Germany were you?

Cute American Brainless Boy: We were in Munich and Berlin. Munich was great, but Berlin was kinda dry. The only cool thing was that wall, what do you call it, um, the Great Wall. Yeah, the Great Wall of China?

FAC: Is that what it's called?

CABB: You know the wall that was knocked down awhile ago. I can't remember what it's called. The only other cool thing was this old house where they really made you feel like Anne Frank. But I liked Munich better. It rocked.

FAC: That's really cool. Have you been to Amsterdam? I think that's where Anne Frank lived.

CABB: Yeah, it was good too. Maybe that's where that house was. Oh yeah, it was the Berlin Wall. Great Wall of China, duh. We stayed in a hotel not too far from there.

FAC: Did you stay in hotels or hostels?

CABB: About half and half. We were in hostels 75% of the time and hotels 25% of the time.

The older English businessman sitting next to them just stared in disbelief. I chose not to speak, but was ready to turn on my finest Canadian accent if need be.