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As the World Twirls

When I lived in New Orleans, I started watching As the World Turns. It was back in the days when Douglas Marland used to write for it, and the storylines and characters were brilliant.

One day in 1985, they introduced a character named Holden. Holden Snyder. He was a farm boy, living on the Snyder farm. Out at the pond one day, he was wearing overalls with no shirt on and one strap hanging down. I had taped it that day and would later pause the tape, just leaving the image there as a piece of art, sometimes as something to look at while pleasuring myself. He was that hot.

Years later, I lived in New York and worked on different soap operas. One day, playing a reporter on ATWT, I had to stand next to him. The farm boy had married the rich heiress (isn't that always the way?) and they were involved in some big legal brouhaha. In between rehearsals and blocking and takes, we started talking. He was the nicest, most genuime person ... and even better looking in person than on TV. Something that didn't always happen. Just stunning and tall and kissable, with the most captivating eyes. I was less sure of myself back then and all I could think was "I can't believe this geeky wannabe actor is talking to the most beautiful man on daytime." I don't remember what we talked about , but I do recall that I didn't stutter, I didn't pee my pants ,and I didn't get a hard on. I just talked to this very hot, sorta famous straight guy who was actually not a prima donna. I loved him.

I loved two other people from that show as well. Lisa Brown (Iva from ATWT and Nola from GL) and Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda). I never got to meet Miss Brown, but Elizabeth was a hoot. A million years ago, my mom used to watch The Doctors, and she was Althea on that. Funny the thngs one remembers.

I opted for an unexpected “work at home” day today, and had the TV on in the background. Holden was on just awhile ago, still toiling away in Oakdale. I'd do him in a heartbeat.