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Ass From the Past

I got a present in my bobzyeruncle mailbox today. A lovely picture from decades gone by, when free love ran rampant in Cabbagetown, and groups of boys stood around naked, kissing and groping.

And who's that cute young thing in the group on the left? I seem to recognzie the profile. Hmm, the butt looks vaguely familiar ... a little tighter, a little younger.

Could it be? Why, um ... yes, it's a shot of a certain Liftetime lovin' lad we know from his 20s (not the 20s, his ... although one could argue ...).

In an orgy.


I'd post it, but kiddie porn is against the law.

(Auntie Lorna and Rose ... I'm sure they were just play-acting, or rehearsing a neighborhood production of Hair. Not to worry.)