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This Little Piggy Went to Market

I finally jumped on the Fresh Direct bandwagon the other day. Last night, my food arrived. Six boxes and one bag of assorted frozen and canned foods, some dairy products, and some very fine looking meat (no, not the delivery boy man, although ...) including pork chops, tuna, salmon, steaks, and chicken (again, not the delivery guy). Not to mention the giant economy size bag of Fresh Step.

It's a great service. Prices were reasonable. I could never have carried it all home and the delivery charge from the local D'ags would have been huge. Not to mention the hassle of dealing with those biotches lovely ladies at the check out counter.

Our fridge, freezer, and cupboards are now chock full of good stuff.

And with all that fresh food last night ... yup, we ordered in Patsy's pizza.

That delivery man boy was cute too.