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Shillin' Grace

Mrs. Huxtable won last night, citing that it takes "tremendous self-effort and amazing grace" to get to the awards podium. How graceful is it to tell a jillion people that you're the personification of grace? Tacky. Plastic and tacky. I haven't seen such an inauthentic speech since Eve won the Sarah Siddons award.

But wait, there might be a topper from broadway.com:

"I am? I didn't know that. I hadn't thought about it like that. One of the great things is that art transcends these things. I hadn't thought of it in terms of ethnicity. I don't know what to say." --A Raisin in the Sun star Phylicia Rashad on being told that she is the first African-American actress to win in the Best Actress in a Play category.

Mm hmmm, just like we believe Janet when she said she didn't plan the Super Bowl.

Graceful, indeed.

Okay, she was good (not as good as Audra) in Raisin. That said, I saw Swoozie the day before and ohmystars she was amazing. As was the justly honored Brían O'Byrne.

Take his advice — go see Frozen. It really is electrifying.