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Something to Chew On

There were girls near the corner of my office building this morning, handing out granola bars to the commuters. I grab free promo stuff all the time, that's what it's there for, right?

So I'm sitting here at my desk with my thumb up my ass (no wait, that was this morning at the doctor), feeling a bit peckish and reach for my free Quaker Chewy bar. I notice that the postcard it's stapled to says:

July 4


discovering friends for life

July 11

Spider Man

discovering my gifts

July 18

I, Robot

discovering a transformed life

July 25


discovering my true identity


Seems like this is not your ordinary giveaway. Turning the postcard over, I see

God on FILM, lessons from 2004 summer blockbusters


Which leaves me with two questions:

1. Is that a cockring on the postcard?
2. Is it a Quaker church?

And a question for you all ... what lesson(s) have you learned from this summer's celluloid treats?