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Some Girls Always Get What they Wanna Wanna

I was introduced to yet another Brit pop icon this weekend. Ben, his tall, glamorous, slender, ginger-haired Ozzie friend Nicole Rus (with cousin Regan and sister Claire Fisher Anna* in tow) headed over to G-A-Y on Saturday night where we saw Samantha Rachel Stevens perform.

It was, in fact, bewitching.

I was not familar with her, nor her big hits Some Girls and Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex (which while it sounds like the airport, it's really about the person from Los Angeles who she broke up with -- get it? -- so clever these pop stars). But apparenly *everyone* in London knows the choreography.

Several parts of the show amazed me. First was the presentation. She came out with her highlighted locks all pulled into a bun on the side of her head. And whe was wearing what can only be described as sequined, black, granny underpants (you know, the really big ones) an d a fringed black halter top. Adriana is not dead y'all, she's alive and peforming pop music in the UK. Trust.

She was wearing the requisite head set, natch, and her breath control was amazing. Dancing, singing, it was all there. She sang My L.A. Ex, and then a couple of covers, and then Some Girls (where she invited the audience to join along in the "routine"). Oh, and an encore of My L.A. Ex. Five songs. No muss, no fuss, no vocal strain.

Let me tell you, Miss Girl can sing lip synch. Move over Britney. The best part was, in between songs, they'd turn her mike back on so she could banter with the crowd, and it sounded like an over-amplified obscene phone call.

"Thank *wheeze* you G-A- *gasp* Y. We *pant* love you."

Thank goodness the Three Little Pigs weren't in the house ... all that huffing and puffing would have sent them right into post-traumatic stress tizzy.

And, bonus, the DJ played Reach right after she left, which sent everyone into pop heaven. Anna taught me the choreography (which was more camp than a row of pink tents) and I later learned that Ms. Stevens herself used to be in S Club 7, the band that sang Reach. I have so much pop music culture to absorb if we move here.

I don't even know which Spice Girl is which. The horror.

BTW, I saw my a new favorite t-shirt ...

Stay in School -- You're Too Ugly to be a Whore

* Young Anna (who's one of my new most favorite people and deserves her own entry, if not blog), does in fact look like a young Lauren Ambose, but with bangs. I have pictures ... but no cable to download.