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And Here Comes Monday

Slowly settling back into Real World NYC after the London trip. Nurtured my inner gadget-boy over the weekend, and bought/installed wi-fi and a web cam (how did I not have one before). Also replaced the dying phones with a 5.8 GHz upgrade.

It was downright autumnal on Fridayt, which I loved. I don't know if it was the weather or the weekend, but the Eagle was a tad on the quiet side. It was AARP discount night, so he invited me to take advantage of our discount. And a lovely evening it was. Met Aaron (who documented the evening with a very cool album cover photo) and Jonno. Good times indeed.

Larry's off to London tomorrow, and my week's kind of up in the air. Lots of work, but perhaps a few days in Ptown as well. And maybe entertaining a visitor from across the pond, depending on his choice of holiday logistics.

Either way, I need some time off. I hear Barcelona is nice ....