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Reality Bites

The only bad thing about Provincetown is leaving.

I'm siting in the office, trying to focus on work and all I want to do is go back to the beach, or wander Commercial Street, or ride my bike through the dunes. Just hang out with good people and no worries.

Tomorrow's the parade for Carnival. Maybe I should go back.

One of the best parts of the week was seeing it through fresh eyes. Hanging out with Ptown virgins (as well as those who lost their Cape Cod cherry eons awhile ago) really makes one appreciate all the simple pleasures it has to offer. Geez, Old Cape Cod and Friends in my head this afternoon. It's a regular Bette Midler concert.


Okay then, where's a corporate America virgin for me to hang out with so I can appreciate the simple pleasures of all this nonsense?

This responsibility thing is highly overrated.