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Just Here to Help

We were at g on Friday night, enjoying a post-run, pre-dinner cocktail. I was at the bar, ordering a round and noticed a handsome Asian man talking to Larry.

"Who was your friend?" I asked, handing him his margarita after he returned from the washroom.

Turns out the guy had taped Larry on the shoulder. "I thought he was coming on to me," Larry said. Instead, he leaned in an said, "Your hair's a little messy in the back. You might want to comb it."

Larry, who has been known to suffer the woes of the cowlick for years now, thanked him kindly and turned away, waiting for delivery of drinks.

But Asian boy didnt't let up. "There's a bathroom right back there," he said, indicating the back of the bar.

All in all, I guess it's a nice thing. Normally when I see someone with bad hair, I just mock them behind their back.

I used to hang out with a hairdresser who'd go up to people, hand him his card, and say, "I'm a trained professional, I can help you."

Which is better ... silently judging or politely pointing out a stranger's flaws?