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Rent A Cop

The crossing security guards outside our building are now wearing high-visibiliy day-glo green vests. I just went out for a Fourbucks, and saw one of them being directed to stand in a different location, away from the wall, but under the canopy. "You want the building to see you," his supervisor told him.

But bright colors are not enough. We also have Brinks Security now, and I just saw one of them, who looked to be about 15 years old, about 5'4", first wispy moustache coming in and bling in his ear, walking in front of the building with his hand on his gun, pulled half-way out of his holster. He looked like a little trigger-happy gangtsa in a Kevlar vest.

He came into Starbucks, looked around all menacingly. When asked if he needed help, he said he was just looking for the restroom.

I guess all the excitement of holding that big silver semi-automatic in his hand made him have to tinkle.

And there was a SWAT guy with a machine gun outside of Planet Hollywood last night. I mean really ... Planet Hollywood?? I think maybe he was supposed to keep the paying customers inside.