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Old Friends Habits

I need to be careful that I don't fall into an old habit of imagining the worst-case scenario for a situation, and then playing it out in my mind as if that was the reality, rather than merely one possible (and most often the least probable) outcome.

It was one of my worst habits when I was acting -- playing the end result rather than living in the moment. It was also something I worked on for a long time in therapy (went I went for the head-shrinking and not just the prescriptions).

"Get out of your head and just BE," my acting teachers (and analyst) used to tell me.

Just be. Just breathe. Experience each moment. Get back to yoga. Get back to meditation.

A carved stoned found its way into my life a while back and sits on my office desk ... amidst way too much clutter. This afternoon, looking in my desk drawer for a stamp, I came across the card that describes the symbol.

New Beginnings

This ancient symbol depicting a plant sprouting through the earth acknowledges the end of one cycle and the beginning of another; the quiet time before growth; a time to focus on one's true desires and embrace the future one day at a time. It is a reminder of the great strength in stillness and the joy in being.

Is there wisdom in a stone? (or is there just wisdom in being stoned?)

Focus. Embrace the future. One day a time.

There is much to share in this life ... with our families (whether they be genetic and chosen) and with our friends ... with those we've known forever, with those we've just met, and with those we have yet to meet.

Every day is a new beginning.

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Addendum: Hmm ... I was tidying up my desk and *I swear* I just noticed for the first time that the symbol on that rock looks eerily similar to the symbol for a British Pound.