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Happy Birthday to Me

It's a beautiful day in San Francisco, and I'm off to give my opening remarks at my conference.

I've got lots to post, but no time, so I'll be brief.

41 was one of the, if not *the*, most amazing years of my life. So many blessings, I can't begin to make the list. New people have come into my life that I can't imagine were ever not a part of it. Some old friendships were renewed. And wheels have been set in motion to make 42 an even bigger year of change and new experience. I can't wait ... but then again, it's here so I don't have to.

I really could not be happier.

So all you kids worrying about turning 30 ... you ain't seen nothing yet.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a great year. Thanks for the wishes that have already come my way so early in the day -- the words, the songs, the pictures, and the phone calls. So much love.

I am a very lucky boy.