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Northen Turkey, Eh

Greetings from London. Well, London, Ontario. Itís Canadian Thanksgiving, so thereís a turkey in the oven and the men are out trying to snag a moose. Plenty of Molson in the cooler, and the beaver-shaped Jello mold is setting up nicely.

We have two, count 'em, two big dinners today. The first around 12:30 here in London, actually lovely Lambeth, and the second this afternoon in Orangeville. Itís suburban hell bliss. Actually, itís quite lovely, and Iím blessed to have this second family who make me feel so welcome and loved. It's very very cool. I think itís interesting that Iíve been around longer than a lot of the other ďin-laws.Ē Kind of sweet that the gays are some of the
stable long-term couples, albeit without the grandchildren. And we all know how stable I am.

I think it's almost time to quit smoking again Ö or have a month week-long detox. Was having a nice meditation this morning, and my chest is all rattly and wheezy. And my morning cough is starting to be a little painful in the left-hand side of my back, about half-way down. Whatís the lung cancer treatment like in the UK?