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Dream Interrogation

"I'm from Immigration and we've come to collect you."

That was the "wake up" line in last night's dream -- the third dream in about 5 nights where I've been "in trouble" with some sort of authority figure. The other night was about me and some girl I was traveling with (and her two kids) surreptitiously setting free a herd of sheep, and the evil farmers (I don't know why they were evil, but they were and one looked like Dick Cheyney), separated us all for questioning. We'd done it and we were trapped.

A couple nights ago it was all about being apprehended and cuffed with those white plastic restraints that the cops were using during the RNC. I kept coming out of mine and every time they'd tighten it up or put on a new pair, I'd find a way to loosen them, or someone would have a giant scissors or nail clippers to get me out of it.

Last night was the immigration drama. Weird, as that was the day that I got word my work visa had been approved and delivered. Maybe I'm apprehensive about the interview process at the British Embassy before we I officially move.

I was going to get up early today and be very productive, since I spent the last two days house hunting and am now behind on the day-to-day as well as a couple projects that have milestones due on Monday and Tuesday. And then there's a presentation I have to build for a Tuesday am meeting that I only found out about yesterday (the presentation, not the meeting).

So crap ... the better part of a day ruined, and I was going to be a star and accomplish so much. But I guess I needed the sleep. Been coughing my way through most night's lately ... time to cut back on the smoking. Stopped into Boots and picked up some "Chesty Cold" and a "NicAssist" -- Bootian equivalents of Robitussin DM and Niccorette. I know, I've said for years that it's just rude not to smoke over here, but I'll be even ruder if I never sleep again because I can't stop coughing.

It's all so cool and glamorous until you become your wheezing, emphysemic (dead) grandmother.

Enough blather. Time to focus on the tasks at hand which, for the record are:

1. Do my online work insurance enrollment/renewal
2. Write Tuesday's presentation
3. Draft letter to CEO justifying my factsheet project
4. Create agenda for tuesday's meeting with my boss
5. Create summary of the events-to-date on a performance track record project
6. Pay my Corporate Amex bill
7. Draft wish list email for the property we put a bid on yesterday.
8. Go downstairs for a pre-work cigarette.
8. Press save and close Movable Type.

I want to go the movies cinema tomorrow, and if I don’t get my work done, no play for me. A new rule guideline in the “Reinvention of Bob” … coming soon to a British neighborhood near you.