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If I Only Had a Regulator

I used to have this recurring dream that I was in a play and didn't know my lines ... totally unprepared and it's time to go on.

It's way more unnerving than the "I just showed up in a public place totally naked" (I've had that one a lot too, but it never seems to bother me ... go figure) scenario.

Last night I had the I don't know my lines dream. I was able to find a script (because, of course, I didn't have my own), and as I was looking for my part, I realized I had the director's script and several of my lines had been rewritten.

It seems I'm playing the Tin Man in a non musical version of The Wizard of Oz.

(Which, by the way, I did play in a 7th grade musical version, and got rave reviews. We included the jitterbug number cut from the film. Have *you* ever jitterbugged in a tin can?)

Not only did I not know my lines or blocking, but even if I'd learned them, they'd been changed.

While all this is going on, it seems that the play is taking place at the same time as a big dive trip, and I have no scuba equipment, so the dive shop owner (who seems to be a backstage person at the theater) is trying to get me equipment, which is kinda ratty and isn't nearly up to the standard of my regular gear.

Not only am I totally unprepared, but I think I'm going to drown. Okay then ... no stress going on in my mind, is there?

Fuck. I thought sleep was supposed to be restful.