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If I Only Had a Percodan

If our lives become the stories that we weave, and we're not weaving anything, does that mean we don't have a life?

Or perhaps I'm weaving stories in real time, and having no time to blog about them. A whole week and no posts. That can't be good ... on the other hand, there's so much going on that every time I think I should post something I have no idea where to start.

So. Very. Busy.

Apparently it's Christmas, but the spirit has not infected me as of yet. Only ten days to go, I wonder if it's gonna pass me by this year. Or if all of a sudden it will hit me and I'll madly dash through Oxford Street, or wildly surf through Amazon.com, and spend money I don't have in an effort to send Christmas cheer to one and all. Or maybe I'll just start dumping all my money into the UK equivalent of Salvation Army beggars, like Meg in Crimes of the Heart.

I started reading A Christmas Carol the other day (how very British of me), but got bored with old Ebby. It's not like there are any surprises.

I have been infected with a nasty sinus thingy / head cold. The kind that makes my face hurt (I know, it's killing you too) from the bottom of my cheekbones to the top of my forehead. Today is day 4 of the pain, and I'm scheduled to see my first UK doctor to get it cleared up. Diving would not be too much fun with all this pressure.

The Sky guy is coming today (f* off, NTL), so I'm at home enjoying some quiet, getting some work done, and taking in our last day of ugly temporary furniture. Tomorrow we'll get all the stuff they packed up in New York just 3 weeks and 2 days ago. So weird to think I've only been here 3 weeks ... arrived in this flat 3 weeks ago almost to the hour. And in one week we leave for the Galapagos.

So no, it doesn't seem like Christmas just yet, ... more like a crazy twister of change that's landed us not over a rainbow, just over an ocean. And we're settling in nicely. Meeting great people, getting to know the ones I met before a little better, and enjoying the little things that put the icing on the cake of this new adventure.

If I could only stop the munchkins from hammering away at the insides of my yellow snot road.