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Christmas Catharsis

I think I blogged myself into my annual holiday funk yesterday. Left work feeling blah, and then went shopping and found unplanned, yet ideal gifts for those on my list who I didn't know what to buy for.

Good news is it was the shortest holday blue meanies in the history of bobkind.

Or maybe all it takes is buying some cheesy christmas tree candles, setting them by the tv, and watching what could be the best gift ever ... a DVD of the 20th Anniversary concert of Once on this Island. Thank you. So very very much.

And of course, I cried like a little boy whose Christmas puppy arrives dead in the box. Just bawled ... almost as much as when I saw the concert live a couple years ago.

Our lives indeed do become the stories that we weave.

The spirit of Christmas returns. Yay.

Today's the last day of work before vacation. So looking forward to it. Don't know how much blogging will get done before the 26th when I get on the boat. But I'll try ... a nice Christmas post from Ecuador might be fun.

If not, I wish each of you ... my friends and family ( the proverbial threads in this story I'm weaving) ... the happiest of holidays and much love, peace, laughter, and happiness in the New Year.

And come see me in London!