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I Want an Oompa Loompa, I Want One Now

All his talk about gaming has got me itching to power up my PS2. Plus, I saw commericials for the new Crash and Spyro when I was at the movies the other day.

Trouble is I can't find a power cable for the machine. Nobody seems to stock then. Finally talked to someone who seems to know what he's talking about, and it seems I need a step-down transformer, with at least 100 watts. Been to several electronics stores, the Sony Centre, and an import gaming shops. Took the better part of two hours as I was on my way into the office this afternoon.

So not only am I thinking about wasting time with video games, I'm wasting time and energy just trying to get the dang machine powered up.

Seems like it might be easier just to buy a new PS2. Not that I need one. Not that I have time to play with it. It's just the principle. If I want to play it, I'll know I can. And since I know I can't right now, it's making it me want to play it all the more.

If I recognize my immaturity about it all, does that mitigate it in the slightest?