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The Night Bus

I ended up at the office pretty late last night, and by the time I got to the tube station, it was almost time for the last train.

On a whim, I took the scenic route ... climbed aboard the Number 23 and sat myself upstairs in the front seat. Turns out that with no traffic it's a fairly short ride home, and I got to see all kinds of things I normally don't see on the way to work.

Rode down Fleet Street (but saw no demon barbers), which then becomes the Strand (home to several theaters). Found myself at Charing Cross Station, then rode by the The National Gallery towards Picadilly Circus, and then up Regent Street to the all-to-familiar Oxford Circus (too.many.people.) and then a short jaunt to Marble Arch, which is now home base.

A quick 25-minute ride and I was home. With several visual reminders that yes, I do in fact live in London now. And it's wicked cool.

Sometimes it's good to change your routine and get above ground.