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Twice as Wet

I was heading to the pool today after a very centering Body Balance class (apparently I'm unbalanced) and two red-headed women, with the exact same haircut were getting into the pool ... mirror images of each other. I find it a little disconcerting when adult twins dress and style themselves alike.

But there they were, getting into the pool with the same scary seemingly choreographed entrance. They each took a lane, and then proceded to do a lovely breast stroke, each in time with each other.

Were they practicing synchronized swimming? Or were they just creepy children of the chlorine?

Either way, it wasn't quite right. Especially when they were coming back up the lanes, towards me, both staring straight ahead, never putting their faces in the water, just 4 arms rowing through the water, all in synch, both with the same breath pattern.

I had to avert my eyes for fear their pupils would turn red and disintigrate me.

I cut my swim a little short and found the steam room much more relaxing.