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Brits Keen on Keane

Keane won last night's Brit Award (which near as I can tell is kinda like an MTV / Grammy hybrid) for best album.

It's a good album, if not a little too Coldplay derivative, imho.

And is it better than Snow Patrol? We're not so sure about that one.

Scissor Sisters -- Yay
Joss Stone -- Nay
Franz Ferdinand -- Yay
"Angels" as best song ever?? -- Um, Nay

Isn't that just a little too corny (well, it is British pop we're talking about) ... but to beat out Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights?" I trust you'll have something to say about that.

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Speaking of corn, why do they call the little yellow kernels "sweet corn" here? Is that to differentiate between candy corn (also sweet) or pop corn (which can be sweet here, as you get your choice of salted or sweet at the movies cinema.

And "green peas" ... what other color are they? Well, grey I suppose, depending on how fresh your mushy peas are.