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practicaly perfectThe second time around is always a little different. You know what to expect. You look for things you might have missed the first time. Maybe you watch with a more critical eye. But sometimes you end up just going along for the ride, smiling from the inside and and saying "YAY, do it again."

I saw Mary Poppins with Marcelo about a month ago and it was perfect. We sat there like two little kids, drawn in my the music and the magic, not knowing how the creatives were going to rework the movie onto the stage. They did not disappoint. Like diving into a chalk drawing on the pavement, I was totally drawn in.

Last night, the magic happened again. I knew what was coming, but Matt did not. I'd tried not to give anything away, except for the fact that he already knew that Supercali etc. was my favorite and that I want to learn the choreography.

He agrees. In fact, I undestand we're crashing the understudy rehearsal today and learning it.

Shall we go for the hat trick?