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Not So Cheaper by the Dozen

We were making groceries shopping this morning at our local Waitrose, and I was a little plucked at the cost of eggs ... 2.15 a dozen (that's about 4 bucks stateside). I ended up with the least expensive I could find ... StoneGate Straw Bedded Eggs, which came in at 12.5p apiece.

According to the copy on the inside of the carton, I'm in for one cracking good omelette.

Straw Bedded Barn eggs from Stonegate are laid by hens housed in barns, in which there is plenty of space for them to roam and run around. Hens enjoy scratching, preening and dustbathing and the deep straw covered floor encourages these social activities.

The hens have easy access to clean food and water at all times and nest boxes provide a safe private place in which to lay their eggs. Straw Bedded Barn eggs are produced to the British Lion Code of Practice.

This makes for happy hens and tasty eggs!

I'm off to a henhouse of another sort in a few hours. In a valiant effort to earn extra pink stars on my gay card, I'll be seeing this tonight (which is so much more 'mo than Kelly) ...


Truth be told, I'm not a big fan. But when in Rome London, might as well embrace the moment and see what the old bird has to offer.

She'll be wearing the feathers, and I'll be dancing with chicken.