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Beauty is In the Eye / Ear of the ...

Fresh out of Caesar's Bathtub, it seems Corky's mom Miss Lu Pone followed me to the Streets of Peaches. Funny how we're never in the same room at the same time ... hmmmm.

Funnier still how two people can have a different take on the same audience. One blogger sees his "type of folks: cute, gay musical theater fans." And yet another in the group, with a similar-sized hypothalmus finds himself in a "crowd of overweight homos in dockers and 'fancy' shirts and overweight stars on broadway season ticket holders in dockers and 'fancy' shirts".

I wish Steve was still blogging ... I'd love to know what he saw at the Fox.

And I'm not sayin', but hasn't she been screeching belting that "Matters of the Heart" show about as long as Cher's been on a farewell tour? It's about time mama let that meadowlark fly away.