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Pump It Up

Went to Body Pump this morning at the gym and learned:

a) we need to maximize our load
b) on the second round, you have to go deeper

Also learned that you can make new friends in the locker room if you randomly start talking to someone, "pretending" to think it's your friend coming back from the shower. Allegedly, this is what happened ...

Rus and I finish class, go to the change room and head for the showers, arguing over who gets which of comparing notes on the two guys from class that we thought were cute (a big one and a little one). Rus finished first in the shower and as he was getting dressed, caught me returning out of the corner of his eye, and asked, "So, do you think it's going to be hot today?"

"Um, sorry?"

"Oh my god, I totally thought you were my friend."

Enter moi ... the embarrasing situation was recounted and we all had a good chat and headed off to the sauna for a 3-way bid adieu, until the next class. We now know cute little one's name, occupation, place of employment, favorite times to take Pump, and the pros and cons of In Design vs. Quark. Oh that Rus, he may appear to be dizzy, but he's a smooth operator.

Next step -- get to know the big one and figure out just how married that gold band on his left hand makes him. That's a load worth maximizing.