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London comes to London

I've been planning to write some clever comparison of a) Larry's Aunt Rose and Uncle Norm moving into our flat for the next three weeks and b) the crazies moving into the Big Brother house; sort of a London, England vs. London, Ontario spin. You know ... editing people into their most lovable and annoying characteristics, posting daily updates of the otherwise mundane, asking all important questions like Will Norman really go off the fags in London?, and keep tallies on factoids like how many times Rose says "so much history" or "so many people".

But I can't be bothered.

Work's busy, I'm overflowing with lung batter (again), and I'm just not feeling that creative, clever or energetic.

That said ... having houseguests who are visiting a new country always affords the opportunity to see things through a fresh pair of eyes, which is really cool. And when they take you seriously on the mi casa, su casa thing and have dinner on the stove when you get home from work ... BONUS!

Dinner on the table is totally worth not walking around the house naked.

I loved our trip to Windsor over the weekend. I want to go back and spend more time in the castle and the village ... feels like we were in and out in no time at all (this coming from the lad who did the Lourve in 20 minutes ... a schedule is a schedule, after all).

Eton is also lovely. I'd like to learn more about the uniforms (tails to class? Ugh.) and what means what in the world of waistcoats and jackets give. That and give about 90% of the mop-topped boys a haircut. All that money and they can't afford product?

Ended up dancing and giggling the night away at Booteeq on Sunday with Mar. Seems London has its own Amanda Lepore, and a silicone-grab was free for the asking. A good mix of people ... not too circuity, not too freakish. Some old favourites spinning in the lounge, and some rocky remixes on the bigger dance floor. Very fun. Norm and Rose were such great sports ... both taking turns on stage practicing their poll dancing skills. I swear, give those "seniors" half a hit of x and you never know what will happen. Good times.

Speaking of poll dancing ... I'm not sure I like the refurb at Village. A modernization I can understand. But the pollectomy in the front bar was uncalled for. Putting strippers out of work like that ... so.not.right.