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Adventures in Cirrhosis

Monday morning and the London fog we’ve all heard so much has moved from the atmosphere into my head. The weekend as I remember:

Friday night was dinner at Sketch Gallery. Really lovely to catch up with our friend John, enjoy an amazing meal, several bottles of wine, and a charming waiter named Rory. Sanctuary is now Eclipse, I think (could it be part of a chain?), with a whole new downstairs and the same tiny pours of vodka up top.

Saturday was a bit of a sleep in, what with all the wine and vodka from the night before. Those less young resilient than myself complained about headaches, while I washed down some Aleve with my coffee and hit the day running. Norm and Rose went to wish Betty Windsor a royal birthday, while the nephews headed off to a matinee of Ewan and Jane in Guys and Dolls. It's a really understated production, which is great, but we were way too high up in the long and narrow Piccadilly Theatre to really get the benefit of the toned-down production values. Ewan's voice is a little weak, but he's charming. Jane was a kinder, gentler, kitten-with-a-headcold-whip Adelaide. Douglas Hodge sang Nathan really well, but his characterization/speaking voice was like a cartoonish Ed Bundy. Jenna Russell was amazing. I've never thought much of Sarah as a character, but, like Obidiah, I've been converted.

And, in a really gay moment, I started crying during Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat. You know, the really sad, touching, dramatically moving number that everyone pulls their tissues out over. I think it was a mixture of the following:

a) an excellent production number that totally worked … very I Can Hear the Bells

b) so much happiness on stage, which put an amazing energy into the house

c) Martyn Ellis was perfect

d) I started missing being a part of something so cool as a cast of people, all choregraphed into 5 minutes of theatrical perfection

e) I started missing New York (which has happened a couple times over the past few days)

f) I'm just a big girl

Anyway, the number was genius ... totally stopping the show, and I was a little misty right through the end of the show. And I don't think I'll ever see a more perfect, subtly directed Marry the Man Today. Just lovely.

Dinner and more drinks after the show, with some nice chaps from Out and Out (second event much more worthwhile that the first). Special appearance at The Yard by Nick and Ed, which brought a smile to the faces of some of the O&O gentlemen.

"Who are they?" I heard one of our theatre companions whisper as N&E walked in and we air-kissed hello.

"Who cares ... they're adorable," said his conspirator. And yes, adorable they are. Norm and Rose are now under their spell as well/

Sunday led to a stroll through the Marylebone Summer Fayre and a very smart celeb sighting: Cate Blanchette, with an unhappy child (Dashiell, I believe he's called) at my favorite bookstore. After awarding her the "mother with the most amazing cheek bones ever" trophy, I headed down to Trafalgar Square to visit the bike fest, then ambled to St. James Park, where we picnicked with Norm and Rose, the aforementioned adorable boys (who pack a lovely basket), and the crème de la crème of Nebraska's high school crooners. And if that weren't enough, we ended up at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern for a dose of Dame Edna, who taught me my new favorite retort for an unbearable situation.

A retort which I shall save for a more suitable time.

And so, yes, another weekend of boys, booze and bawdiness.

I have no idea why I'm tired.

Billy Elliot tonight. I'm totally psyched. Also very much looking forward to Justin Bond next week and Hedwig the week after.