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BB Blather

You can press the red button on your remote to vote for eviction. Too bad there's not a button you can press to eviscerate someone. Kemal is working my last nerve. And I'm not even watching it that much.

However, bookmakers had placed him at the top of the list to win Big Brother? In the subtle words of my all-too-eloquent sister, "Are you fucking kidding me?" I so don't get this country's BB voters sometimes; can't believe they booted Leslie out. Yeah, she might have been a bully. So what? I'd go out drinking with her in a heartbeat.

Sad that I can't think of anything more exciting to post about than turkish trannie wannabes and banished boobs.

That said, can Sam please go tomorrow night?

It's interesting (to me at least) to see the difference in house dynamic between the UK version and the US version of the show. In the UK, the viewers evict one of the nominated housemates. On the American show, the housemates vote themselves out of the habitrail ... makes for a more cutthroat and deceptive game, I think.

Speaking of housemates getting ready to leave, tonight is Norman Rose's last night at M2. Three weeks has flown by, and I think it's going to seem a little empty without them. We'll be having farewell fare at Butler's Wharf Chophouse tonight. Normy's bound and determined to get his Yorkshire Pudding. I hope it doesn't disappoint ... especially after their 16 club sandwiches in Paris yesterday. Ooops. They (sort of) enjoyed their day trip to the continent, but were glad to be back in England last night, "where people are civilized."

I say good on them. How many 67-year olds do you know that, having never been to France, would scoot off to Paris for lunch (overpriced as it was, bless them for not looking at the menu first)?

In other news, I'm half-way through As I Lay Dying. I decided 10 pages a day was doable, and if it's good enough for Oprah, then why not?

Poor Addie, if I had a mess of a family like she did, I'd have jumped in the river long before they ever thought of building me a coffin.

Big Brother and the Bundrens ... two very dysfunctional families. Who says I'm not finding balance?