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I'm Still Here

(please supply your own links, I'm tired)

Antbiotics, a couple of sick days, fun with the NHS, and a heat wave that came and went (and I didn't even get to enjoy it, cause I felt like shit).

Saw Justin Bond's new show, had a quick visit to the dark place, back on the vitamins, finished watching Casanova, WigOut is still fun. Almost finished As I Lay Dying. Batman Begins is aces. Marshall cut out a bad guy's eye, with a spork, on Alias tonight. Quality television.

Caught up with mom over the past few days. Seems she thinks LOL means Lots of Love, so she's not really been laughing so much. But what makes me LOL is wondering how many people have typed LOL to her, and she's been thinking they've been sending "lots of love." Bless.

Sleep sleep and more sleep.

Back to Dublin tomorrow. Boss says I don't see enough of him, so I might be spending more time in Brussels.

5 weeks to Stiges. Huzzah.