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The Alias Workout

I'm increasing my cardio between now and Stiges, so I don't have to wear can fit into Liza's old caftans. Being the self-motivator that I am, I've opted to take as many classes as possible at the gym. It's harder to say, "oh bother" and head off to the steam room when you're with a group of people and an instructor pushing you along. And truth be told, I've been enjoying my return to spin over the past week or so.

Today I tried Body Combat. It's a non-contact punching, kicking, jumping, fancy footwork workout. I'm a total sped at (I'll take 4th-grade slang for $400), but I kicked up a storm and sweated like George Bush during an IQ test.

I felt very Sydney Bristow the whole time. And my wig didn't come off once.