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Kaboom -- Update

My little circle seems to be all accounted for. I'm at home and Larry's esconced in Canary Wharf.

Got to the Marble Arch tube station after doing a 9am conf call at home. Word had it that there was a "network failure." So I walked to Bond Street and it was just closed down. No signs, no people. Hmmm.

Busses were a mess on Oxford Street and no service on my Bberry or mobile, so I walked up to Marylebone Road to try to find a less crowded bus. Lots of ambulances and police. A couple helicopters.

I slowly got that pit in my stomach, the feeling that this is bigger than a power shortage. Those who had mobile service were murmurring "explosions" and "it is bombs?". It was all so calm. Not like 9/11 when people were running up the street. The Brits just don't get excited.

Heard that one of the incidents was at Liverpool Street, which is my destination, so I decided to just head home.

So here I am, watching the Beeb, talking to Gypsy (oh, she's home now!) eating toast, and fielding phone calls.

Hmm, Larry just called back and there are reports that a sniper was just shot at Canary Wharf. Nothing on tv about that yet. I'm guessing (hoping!) that's just a rumor floating around his office.

More news as it develops.