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Tick Tick OUCH

Took a beach day to Brighton on Tuesday, which the spirits have chosen to punish me for. Work's gotten crazy busy and I cracked a bicuspid last night while eating a bowl of corn chowder before seeing tick, tick...BOOM!

Another first. I've now had my first experience with dental care in the UK. Jury is out on if the tooth is savable, but it was cracked right up to the root ... so I've got half of it left and had an unplanned mini root canal this morning. So now I'm waiting for the novocaine to wear off, with a hole in my gum where half a tooth used to be, and going back on Saturday to see if I get a crown or an extraction. Wheee.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the theater?

Lovely! I'd not seen the show in NY, and have only sporadically listened to bits of the CD. Christian Campbell is an adorable John. He's recently taken over from Doogie Howser, who'd been getting really strong reviews and was one of the reasons I bought the tickets. Fellow Buckeye Tee Jaye (I'm betting his mama didn't name him no Tee Jaye) was fine (made me wish I'd seen Jerry Dixon in it back home). Cassidy Janson was outstanding. She totally nailed her New York accents and stopped the show with "Come to Your Senses."

I've been thinking about theater the past few months, and missing the creative side of things ... the one I put on hold 7 years ago when I stopped auditioning and put my soul on a lease-to-buy program with the corporate world. No real regrets, mind you, but every now and again I miss the sense of community and the process of theater. How there must be something more to life and wouldn't it be cool to get paid to do what you really love.

And that's the gist of the show ... fear of getting older, wondering if you make your mark, will you have to sell out and take the safe route? I guess I'm not the only one who thinks such things. Mr. Larson wrote a tony little show about it. And then he went and died less than a month before before Rent had its world premiere.

And that probably hurts worse than my broken tooth.