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The guy in Stockwell had nothing to do with the bombings.

And got 5 bullets in the head.

So why did he run? I thought maybe because he didn't speak English, didn't understand the police's "challenges" and was just scared. But L heard on the tv that language wasn't the culprit.

Original reports said he looked like the Asian guy suspected in Thursday's failed bombing attempts. Not according to the photos now released. Asian, Brazilian ... they all look alike? Methinks not.

He was wearing a heavy jacket in what the day's weather would seem unseasonable ... so he was a sheep in wolf's clothing?

It's all kinda scary, to say the least. I understand being precautious. I understand heightened security measures. I even can understand the shoot-to-kill policy.

But my oh my, this is a grade-A PR nightmare, eh?

There's too much missing from the reports right now to have an informed opinion. Why did he run? Why was he even being followed? Who were the guys that shot him (the officers names/pictures would be all over the press in the States ... whether that's good or bad I don't know)? All those camera phone pictures from 7/7, and nothing from the Stockwell shootings?

Seems like the Metropolitan Police are operating on a modified Kobayashi Maru ... the safety of the many outweigh the safety of the few. Or the one.

RIP Jean Charles de Menezes.