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Waiting for Release

The truth is out. Brad did not leave Jen because of Angelina. No indeed. He left her because of a potentially fatal career decision. If we've said it once, we've said it uhmmm, once: the three words you don't want to see in your project are ... "Starring Val Kilmer Kevin Costner.

Oh well. Rumor Has It could easily be redeemed by the Rob Reiner's direction and the other co-stars, Shirley Maclaine and Mark Ruffalo. And Ben Stiller's not in it. The trailer's here, replete with winter's new catch phase, "Come in, I'll put on a pot of bourbon."

Two more things to look forward to later in the year:

I'm very excited for Happy Endings to make its way across the pond, although I can't find a UK release date.

The new Doctor is sporting some catchy threads to go along with his new teeth [via plasticbag]

Good things come to those who wait ... we hope.