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What's Your Story?

You’re sitting under a big tree in your favorite park. There’s a warm breeze blowing. The lithe, shirtless, glistening boys playing footie (or perhaps rugby, but probably not cricket) are far enough away that you can’t focus too intently on them … you just know they’re there and will be stopping by soon for a chat and the all-too-familiar request of “sorry mate, could you just help me work out the cramp in the back of my thigh?”

On the other side of the tree, your own personal storyteller is quietly minding his/her own business, waiting for you to give him 5 things to hear about.

What are the five story topics you’d like to hear?

(nb: I adapted this from something I read the other night in The Right to Write )

My five

1. the boy who forgot where he put his memory

2. a tortured unrequited love ends happily for both people (without the use of death, emotional blackmail, sexual politics, contrived cross-cultural star-crossed R&J allusions, or any Craig/Anthony references)

3. what happens after Geraldine Page teaches me to fly in the candlelit kingdom where flying is illegal?

4. why does the meadowlark have to die?

5. a magic amulet that quells the “this is all good, but I know I'm missing something” monster

bonus story request -- why does Until I Finish Find You have to be so friggin' long? Does Mr. Irving really wants to be a modern-day Dickens?