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Back in Blighty

Thanks to all those who harrassed me expressed concern about the sudden dearth of posts last week. Apparently the sad rumours are true and there is no bobzyeruncle access at the New York office of Brand This!. Something about productivity screens on web pages devoted to whatever it is I write about. You'd think they'd have better things to do.

Alas, no access from the office and my evenings were too full soaking up the vodka culture to wrangle interweb access amidst the trendsters in the Library (not that it wouldn't have been worth $80 a minute to blog). To the 3 of you who missed me ... thanks.

Anyway, I'm back and a little shattered. Spent the past two days wandering around the neighborhood looking at overpriced flats. We have chosen our top-three replacements for M2 and should know in the next few days whether our offers go through. One is just around the corner and the other two are a few blocks East, one on and one just off of the local High Street. All are cool and very livable, although I'm still a little perturbed about having to move. I really do like it here. Oh well, we will see what happens.

Clearly the universe has something to teach me about sense of permanance and learning to let go.

Random thoughts from the trip ...

New York was great fun. Didn't get to see everyone I'd hoped to, but that's par for the course. Did get to catch up with lots of friends, and learnt that Miss Didion has created a "fun" read about a bad year. It's on the list for next time I'm suicidal and need a pick-me-up.

So many garbage cans on almost every corner and yet the streets are filthy. In contrast, you come back to London, can't find a bin to save your life and yet the streets are clean. Take a lesson, Manahattan.

The Hudson is loud, pretentiously trendy and cramped ... three things that suit me as well as rehab suits Kate Moss.

Big question of the week: Why did the twinkie behind the counter at The Art of Shaving have a beard?

Saw Doubt, and the only thing it left me certain of is that Cherry Jones is the most amazing actress alive. If not ever.

Living-on-the-B-list Big Apple celebrity sightings ...

1. Sitting near a very skinny, yet very chic Christine Lahti (sent back her bacon and then blotted the second round dry with her napkin) and family at Eatery.

2. Sitting next to not-so-skinny, but handsomely aging Bryan Batt at Doubt.

Note to Broadway audiences ... enough already with the entrance applause.

Work's gonna be a drag for the next several weeks. Lots of change ... again ... and people are on edge (or have already been pushed off the cliff). Not quite sure what all the change has in store for me. Looks like I'm going to have a redefined role in the next couple months. If it all works out, I should be a fairly happy bunny. If not, well, think of all the time I'll have to redo the new digs.

Karen, Shaggy and the 3 kids arrive in 30 days. So.very.excited.

Now, if I only knew where they were sleeping ...