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Heading West

"You're going to Newcastle?" my friend Clare asked a few weeks ago, when I told her about a long weekend we'd planned. "I've got the perfect thing for you to do as soon as you get there."

"What's that?"


Decided last night over dinner that it would behoove us to bag the trip up North. Too much going on at home, what with the impending move and all. And both our jobs are, well, how does one say ... nightmarish right now.

Good news is it looks like we might have a new place to put the litter box when we get booted out of here. We'll know for sure in the next couple days, but things looks promising. Trouble is it's a whole block away. Larry's concerned that it'll add 5 minutes to his commute (2.5 minutes each way). The horror.

Next step is to get inside to take some measurements ... need to know how big a turkey will fit into the oven. Looks like a proper Thanksgiving dinner for 12 or more.

The goal is to get settled in as quickly as possible ... could be as early as next weekend. As soon as we get the keys, I've got a shaman popping by with a big smudge stick for the cleansing ritual. Then comes the feng shui-ster to tell us where to put the tv.

I want this picture (or perhaps the model) blown up real big and framed for the new flat. It'd be a real smart housewarming gift, for those of you keeping score at home.

Good on you, Miss Blaise ... the photos are great.