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Look Ma'am, An Invitation

We're having people over New Year's Eve ... several of the invitations have been lost in the mail, so just let me know if you need directions to the new place.

It'll be very informal. Some drinks, a few nibbles, skantily clad go-go dancers, and perhaps a game of Celebrity. Drop in for a drink or the evening. And bring a friend .. and go-go boots.

We may even allow our guests to participate in the time-honored tradition of taking down the Christmas tree. Yes, it's a beautiful and moving experience. Each guest gets to take an ornament off the tree, carefully wrap it in tissue and reflect on the year that's ending and the one to come.

Whoever gets the last ornament gets to chuck the tree over the balcony onto the curb. Won't be as much fun as when we lived on the 26th floor, but one must make do in one's new environs.