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On the Street Where You Live

Week two of Edinburgh preparations went well. The goal each weekend to increase the long run by 10-15 minutes till Im up to 2. 5 hours, and then work on fewer walk breaks and building speed. Todays run was the Serpentine Clubs 3-park run. Id never run through Green Park till today. Its a beautiful way to start the day.

One the walk home from Hyde Park, a year-long rumor was finally confirmed. Seems we are in fact neighbors of Guy and Madonna (Philth, you just squealed a little when he read that, didnt you?). Walking towards one of the 3 places Id been told they lived, I saw this really handsome man walking out the door, in sweats. That looks like Guy Ritchie, I said to myself. And right behind him was her highness, also in sweats and a frumpy red & black hat. We made eye contact, I nodded hello and kept going. A few steps later, Larry whispered, and now we know.

Less than 200 yards later, were home. Ill have to have them over for our next pot luck. Or maybe we can start a neighborhood jogging club.

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Running through Green Park wasn't the only "first" of the weekend.

Larry broke his New Year's resolution of no major purchases in 2006 and, on a whim, bought a bike on Friday. He wants to start cycling to work (not a short trek). So I rode down to the Waterloo Cut Evans yesterday morning to meet him and his new ride. We then pedaled to Canary Wharf so we could backtrack the route from his office to our place.

The journey planner suggested we follow the Regents Canal tow path. I'd never been on the canal before, and while it seems a little dodgey in spots, Victoria Park looked great and when you start getting closer to Islington, it's quite charming. I guess I should go check out Little Venice. Maybe that will be one of my marahton training runs, or perhaps a nice bike ride when I'm unemployed (T-13 days).

If y'all haven't picked up The Kitchen Diaries yet, you're only hurting yourself. Made pork chops with herbed butter (butter, gorgonzola, double cream, dijon, fresh thyme) and Nigel's cheesy potatoes last night. They're almost as delicious as some Guy who lives down the road.