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January of the Penguin

Kate tells me that out-of-work stint is the perfect time to find a new hobby, or to reacquaint myself with an old one.

I was surprised with a lovely pre-unemployment gift last night: an origami-a-day calendar. Each day I get to do one new folding project. Perhaps this could be one of my "treats."

Here are the results of my first project.


I think you'll agree I show a natural talent.

Later on this evening I learned to make paper pencils, cicadas, and cat finger puppets. I don't think I've done origami since the 4th grade when we studied Japan in Mrs. Hollister's class.

New (or at least refound) hobby: sorted.

:: :: ::

In other news, Clayton and I are keeping up with my 2006 fitness goals and he had me working on pull ups this morning.

I think we'll all agree I did not show a natural talent.

Folding paper squares into clever shapes is a much more enjoyable way to spend a morning than doing push ups on two medicine balls and trying to squeeze out some unassisted pull ups.

About halfway through the second superset, my head was pounding like my brain was being power-washed with a not-so-fresh supply of blood.

As I'm having a stroke, he's cheering me on with "it's all you, Bob" and "really good work" and "I've called the ambulance."

That which does not kill us makes take extra Aleve. My head still hurts (that's natural, right??), but one day I'll be able to pull myself up to the shelf where I store all my adorable paper animals.

Ladders are so last year.