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And no one's getting fat except Mama Cass

Clayton hasn't quite killed me yet. We did a one-month evaluation today and I've lost a few kilos and, based on the total of 5 skinfold measurements he does, I'm down 10cm of body fat. Woot. I can't quite figure out how to turn that into a percentage, but the point is I'm trending down.

The first day of freedom was an enjoyable one. Got a couple items ticked off my "get that HSMP visa" list, had a good workout, and bought all kinds of cute things for my new job search oasis*.

Off to a repeat visit with Jamie and Ste tonight. Yeah, I saw it last week, but good theater bears repeated viewings. The performances (especially Sophie Stanton as the mom) are really astounding.

Hmm, did I not write about Beautiful Thing last week? Must have been in the emails. It really does live up to its title.

* Yeah yeah, I could call it a home office, but where's the fun in that?