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Annoying Actresses for $400

You know how I just love the Gwynneth?

I'm thinking she might be being replaced very soon.

"But Bob," you ask, "who could be so painstakingly vile as to knock Apple's mum off your list of those-I-just-can't-watch?"

Her name is Keira. I watched Bend it like Beckham the other night and she annoyed me to the point of uncontrolled twitching. I didn't mind her in Love, Actually way back when, but on repeated viewings, she is rather weak.

In an uncharacteristic spasm of Christian generousity, I'm reserving judgement until end-of-day tomorrow. I've rented Pride and Prejudice, and am using that to see if she has any redeeming qualities. I think I can leave Domino safely off the list of is-she-talent-free viewings.

I really want her to be good, 'cause I'm trying not to actively dislike people I've never met. But you know, sometimes you just can't help it.