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Brain Dump

In no particular order ...

  • Itís not really schadenfreude, but I love it when some rude twat runs past me in a tube station, pushing me out of the way in their all-fire hurry to not miss the train and then I saunter on behind them before the doors close. I just smile and nod, wishing I had the balls to whisper ďArenít you glad you rushed? Asshole.Ē

  • Saw the Gothic Nightmares exhibit at the Tate this afternoon. Discovered that Blake was the inspiration for the Tom of Finland art, only William left the clothes off. Fuseliís work was pretty amazing, and just a little twisted. It made me realize I need to have some smallish magical creatures living in the flat. Whereís my Dobby?

  • Fuseli said, "Reality teems with disappointment for him whose sources of enjoyment spring in the elysium of fancy."

  • Bob said, "I'm pretty much doomed."

  • Only thing missing at the Tate was a pasta bar. It would have been nice to enjoy some fusilli after Fuseli.

  • Getting my face shaved by the barber is one of the best half-hours a guy can spend. Thereís something exhilarating about sitting in Amirís (the handsome Arabian) chair, having him rub thick, warm lather into my beard and then scrape away with a fresh straight-edge razor. Itís only a little disconcerting when I realize the tv is blaring Al-Jazeeraís coverage of the Hussein trial. He giggles at the angry-sounding rants I canít begin to understand. ďI canít wait till they hang him,Ē he says, drawing the blade across my Adamís apple.

  • Finally saw Pride and Prejudice the other day. Keiraís performance was vile. Jane Austen rolled *and* puked in her grave.

  • Watched Garden State last night and fell pretty much in love with the film. Good on Zach. Good luck exploring the infinite abyss.

  • A couple new job opportunities in the works. Iím having a ďbriefingĒ tomorrow with an HR guy in Chiswick. Iím not quite sure what the difference between a briefing and an interview is. Any ideas?

  • Thereís also an amazing new London-based international role at one of BrandThis!ís key competitors that Iíd be very happy to land. Headhunter sent the application in yesterday, and my pals who work for said firm stateside have started the ball rolling on their end. Cross your fingers.

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