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Sunday in the Park with Daddies

I wombled through the Run London Gunnersbury Park 5k this morning.

I finished a little slower than the last one, but I'm still encouraged because I haven't been keeping up with the Edinburgh training as much as I'd planned and this shows I'm still on track (if I just get my ass in gear over the next 11 weeks).

The other lesson to remember is that for as much as I totally didn't want to schlepp out to Zone 3 on this gray, damp, chilly morning, I feel really good for having done it.

After the race, I sat at a picnic table outside the refreshment shack and had a coffee. Who should also be there but Goofus and Gallant, all grown up as dads.

Goofus was telling his plump little daughter (he having grown a bit plump himself) that "No! you cannot have chips, you can have a drink and a pout. In fact, you can just sit there and have a pout."

Gallant was chatting up his kids about why all the people in red shirts (I thought we looked like a motorway of lady bugs) were running through the park. "They're running because it's fun and it's good exercise for your body and your heart."

"And it pumps your blood all through your body, right daddy?" asked one of his three angels.

Daddy agreed. Bobby agreed that daddy had a cute little body which could have stood some pumping.